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Re-Homing BirdsIf you have a bird that you can no longer keep or you know of a bird that needs a new home, we will re-home or put the bird up for adoption. Please contact us for re-homing your bird.





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Lilac Crown Amazon

Blue Front Amagon



Double Yellow Head

Double Yellow Head


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These are just a few of our birds. We have birds arriving frequently. Please see all our birds that are up for adoption then Contact Us.

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Who Are We

Fine Feathered Friends Foundation

Founded by Myrna Frame and her late husband Curtis. Myrna’s vision for the foundation is too make a difference in the lives of each bird she receives.

We are for the birds. We cannot change the life for all birds, but we can make a difference in one bird’s life at a time….”

We are a South Bay area of Los Angeles, CA based Bird Rescue, Bird Rehoming and Bird Adoption non-profit organization.

What We Do

  • We provide new homes for birds that have been brought to the Foundation.
  • We educate and present live bird presentation for schools.
  • We correct the food diet for all birds at the Foundation.

This is just the start:
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We could not survive if were not for the kind Donations of our supporters for the care and any Veterinarian costs that might and do come up.