A Little History about the Lilac Crown Amazon

The Lilac-crowned Amazon Amazona finschi is also known as Finsch’s Amazon. It has been recognized for well over 100 years, documented as early as 1864 by Dr. Otto Finsch. Dr. Finsch wrote well over 400 works on ornithology and this beautiful little amazon parrot is named for him.

The name Lilac-crowned comes from its looks. This is one of the smaller amazons reaching about 13″ (33 cm) long, but a very colorful bird. The “lilac” namesake comes the pretty lilac colored crown accented by a red brown forehead and lores. The lilac extends onto the neck and circles around its yellow-green cheeks.

An Amazon bird with similar type markings and color is the Green-cheeked Amazon A. viridigenalis, yet in comparison each has its unique color and pattern distinctions. The red on Lilac-crowned Amazon is a bit darker and doesn’t extend past the eyes. On the Green-cheeked, the red extends past the eyes onto the crown in varying amounts. The Lilac-crowned also has more dramatic appearance to its chest feathering. Edged in black, the feathers look scalloped while the Green-cheek’s are more uniform.

This dynamic little amazon is a fair talker and makes a fine pet. But though the Lilac-crowned Amazon is affectionate and clever, it is also very lively. This active, energetic birdneeds lots of activities and will do best spending a good portion of its time outside of its cage where it can climb, play, and fly for exercise. They do very well in an aviary which gives them more room on a regular basis.

Like most amazons the Finsch’s Amazon is very social, enjoying the companionship of people as well as other amazons. They make a wonderful companion and will quickly form a strong bond with their owner.

Lilac Crown Amazon

Lilac Crown Amazon