What We Do

What We Do at the Foundation

What We DoWhat we do at Fine Feathered Friends Foundation are many things to save and help birds who come to the foundation. We receive birds that owners can no longer take care of. We receive birds we have rescued from bad situations. And we have received birds that need much care.

All our birds are taken care of with much needed attention and thought. Some of our birds will need medical attention and we make sure those birds, to the best of our efforts, get whatever medical attention is needed.


Find New HomesFind New Homes

Rehoming birds that need a new home. When we receive a new bird we get it ready to be loved by a new family.


We give a live presentation with our birds for schools and and other groups that need information on caring for birds.

leafBetter Diet

We will correct the diet of the birds if it is needed. We do this for all our birds who come to the Foundation.



All bird that arrive or are rescued are groomed and given a nice bird bath.

Play Time

We make sure all our birds get plenty of sunshine. Each day they get to go outside and play in the sun like they all deserve.

Cages for Protection

All our birds have cages for their temporary homes. These are inside cages for nighttime sleeping or cold weather.

We Could Not Do This Without Your Help

The Foundation is supported by your DONATIONS, WHICH ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED…

Birds in the Cage FoodFood and Vet care is expensive and we want to give only the best organic food and vet care to our birds, so we do ask for a adoption fee for each bird based on the type of bird … all donations are a tax deduction for you since we are a non-profit foundation..

100% of the donations go to the birds and their care… we are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to and just for the birds.