Fine Feathered Friends Foundation was started about 20 years ago in the South Bay area of Los Angeles CA by bird lovers Myrna Frame and her husband Curtis…

“We had owned several parrots, but started taking in birds that people could no longer keep… People found out about us through word of mouth and before we knew it, we had 20 birds all looking for new homes… So we formed a non-profit organization and got registered with the local bird club. I guess the rest is history as they say…”

We are small, but care about each bird and its life, past history, special needs, correcting its diet, providing medical care, and making a difference in each birds life.

“We are for the birds.” We cannot change the life for all birds, but we can make a difference in one bird’s life at a time….

The things we have seen and the transformations of many of the bird’s lives keep us going each day.

We are a South Bay area of Los Angeles, CA based Bird Rescue, Bird Rehoming and Bird Adoption non-profit organization.

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